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Les Cordes | LED Chandelier
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Les Cordes | LED Chandelier

After four years of work, the Borely Castle reopens as the Museum of Decorative Arts, Pottery and Fashion in Marseille. During this major renovation, the designer Matthew Lehanneur imagined luster “Les Cordes” which now adorns the main lobby of the building. Monumental and amazing LED chandelier is made of borosilicate glass tubes and seems to take life in the ceiling, it’s visible only intermittently and reveal small part of its structure. We think, Les Cordes, is a great and original Chandelier !



The artist :

“This chandelier is thought of as a line of light passing through the ceiling, it leaves only appear lines of light and glass. This is not an object.
This is not a fixture. This is the light itself that seems to live and circulate in the space of the hall, as sewn on the building itself. “



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