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Nest Smart Thermostat
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Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest Smart Thermostat from iPod Co-Creator

This small piece of technology, measuring 3.2 inches in diameter and 1.44 inches deep (8.18 x 3.66 cm), will change the way we live forever. There is no doubt that the Nest Smart Thermostat will take over households in the upcoming years. After all, who wouldn’t want one of these devices in their homes, especially when it only costs $249? What exactly makes this thermostat so special?

Created by former Apple Senior Vice President, Tony Fadell, the Nest Smart Thermostat takes notes of a homeowner’s behaviors.
With six different sensors, this thermostat is truly smart. It compiles data on motion, light, temperature and humidity.
Eventually it learns the heating and cooling preferences of a household as well as their schedule. Knowing a household’s schedule is important for another one of this thermostat’s key features: Energy-Saving.

The thermostat has two energy-saving features. First is Auto-Away which relies on data of the household’s schedule and its motion sensor to determine whether or not anyone is home. If no one is, this feature will save energy by automatically entering energy-saving mode and a little green leaf will appear on the thermostat. The second feature is Energy History which shows how much energy you have used daily. Because of these features, Nest estimates that by buying this thermostat a homeowner can save up to $300 on a typical $1,000 energy bill.

Probably the coolest feature about the Nest Smart Thermostat, however, is the built in Wi-Fi. Through the Wi-Fi the thermostat not only adjusts according to the weather, but the thermostat can also be controlled remotely through a computer or a smartphone application.

The Nest Smart Thermostat was designed to provide its owners with complete convenience and comfort. You don’t even need to replace your entire system to have one of these become a part of your life. You simple get rid of your old thermostat and replace it with this one.

So, would you go out and get one?


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