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Spatial design studio Overtreders W and architecture office Bureau SLA have finished the first 100% marktplaats building in the Netherlands. All building materials of which this coffee bar was made, are bought second hand on, the dutch eBay. Nevertheless, the pavilion looks brand new. The construction of the bar consistst of 3 temporary hospital units. One of the units was given new facades made entirely of old windows and a roof of old skylights, this unit contains a bar and toilets. The other units surround the terrace. The whole pavilion can be closed with large shutters. Our first purchase was a second hand van, to collect the materials from all over The Netherlands. After that we bought the hospital units, 42 windows, a few thousands meters of wood, 55 liters of paint, two toilet bowls and a lot more. During the building process, we interviewed all people involved in the project, among them about a hundred people we bought materials from. All the interviews are on the website (dutch only).

All photographs: courtesy of Jeroen Musch

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