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Leaning Loop | Jason Van Der Burg
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Leaning Loop | Jason Van Der Burg

Space in modern houses is often scarce, and Jason van der Burg has designed the Leaning Loop to be a solution for just that. The Leaning Loop is a piece of furniture somewhere between coat rack, mirror/noticeboard, shelf, shoe rack, and place for all those bits and pieces that collect in pockets and at the bottom of bags. It just has to be leant up against a wall in order to provide storage space where there is not much room. The design uses gravity to balance, and of course features pads on the back and at the bottom to make sure no walls are damaged in the process. The perfect piece of furniture to have right by your door, so you can grab all your necessities as you run out of the house in the morning. Want your own? Go to the Leaning Loop site where you can order one.


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