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Sketching for Architects | Archisketch
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Sketching for Architects | Archisketch

Now life has got a little bit easier for architects and designers who want to work from their iPad, thanks to the folks at Urban Design. The Archisketch app (which used to be called Archipad) takes scale into account to and scales your sketches to the real world. The app is full of features to help you, making it easy to duplicate elements, rotate layers and changing drawing size to focus on details. If you only need to do a quick project, you can even download Archisketch for free, just subscribing for longer if needs be. See the video below to get a better idea of all the new features, and download the app here.

Archipad_feeldesain_01 Archipad_feeldesain_02 Archipad_feeldesain_03 Archipad_feeldesain_04 Archipad_feeldesain_05 Archipad_feeldesain_06 Archipad_feeldesain_07 Archipad_feeldesain_07 Archipad_feeldesain_08 Archipad_feeldesain_09 Archipad_feeldesain_10 Archipad_feeldesain_11 Archipad_feeldesain_12a Archipad_feeldesain_12b Archipad_feeldesain_13

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