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Interactive babel tower | Shirin Abedinirad
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Interactive babel tower | Shirin Abedinirad

This is a project created by the Iranian artist about a new installation made with mirrors and titled Babel Tower, in collaboration with Gugo Torelli. This interactive and reflective sculpture adapts Babel’s story, re contextualizes the spiritual architecture of this installation with modern materials and creates an union between earth and sky, past and present all this with the usage of the shadows from the mirrors installed. The sky is reflected by the mirror and it symbolizes the goal of this tower that would have reached heaven. When we move the mirrors, the world’s vision get fragmented, we have to line up everything to make the world united. Below you can watch the video and more images to have an idea about the project.

Images credit: Shirinabedinirad


babeltower_FeelDesain_12babeltower_FeelDesain_02 babeltower_FeelDesain_03 babeltower_FeelDesain_04 babeltower_FeelDesain_05 babeltower_FeelDesain_06 babeltower_FeelDesain_07 babeltower_FeelDesain_08 babeltower_FeelDesain_09 babeltower_FeelDesain_01 babeltower_FeelDesain_10 babeltower_FeelDesain_11

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