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inokuma + karibe | setagaya flat
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inokuma + karibe | setagaya flat

naruse inokuma architects + hiroko karibe architects: setagaya flat

japanese architects yuri naruse of naruse inokuma and hiroko karibe have completed a renovation of their flat in setagaya, tokyo, japan. faced with the inability to substantially alter the structural arrangement, the duo relied on modest but fundamental improvements to the programatic organization, and surface level cosmetic changes. delicately balancing new and old, the design seeks to emphasize the previously hidden characteristics of both preceding inhabitants and the original framework.


ordered around a central corridor, the residence consists of defined yet intersecting environments, whose planes and textures
appear to slightly overlap.

main corridor

the walls were stripped back to expose the rough and imperfect concrete shell, revealing at the same time layers of plasterwork
and wallpaper. additional putty was applied in the same manner as the original to emphasize the tactility and contrast of  materials.


panels of larch plywood define the transition between each environment while adding a sense of warmth to the otherwise cool
and neutral space.

tatami room

large windows line the north side of the unit, flooding the home with vast amounts of natural light.

view into kitchen, living room and dining room

in the kitchen, open shelves and storage emphasize the relaxed and minimal approach to design.

plaster and glue covered some of the original concrete walls, and was discovered after layers of wallpaper were removed

living room and dining room

(left) detail of overlapping materials
(right) detail of open kitchen

overall view of kitchen

floor plan / level 0

(left) before
(right) after

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