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The Wind Cathedral surrounding la Croix de la Perdue
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The Wind Cathedral surrounding la Croix de la Perdue

The Wind Cathedral is located at the village of Victor-Saint-la Riviere in the Sancy Massif in France and was constructed in June 2017 as part of the environmental art exhibition “Horizons”. The specific site is called the Croix de la Perdue – the Cross of the Lost Woman – due to the presence of a cross in memory of a woman perished during a storm.

The “Wind Cathedral”  is a poetic and emotional architectural structure that both protects and shelters the inhabitant while also celebrating the forces of nature through a constantly changing interior space.

The structure uses the wind as a means of creating dramatic movement within the interior of the structure. This is achieved through a complex 3 dimensional fabric envelope composed of hundreds of wind sock inspired inflating pockets. The inflation of the envelope activates the interior and creates an ever changing space that breathes in and out with the flow of the wind.

Photography by Mark Nixon

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