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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 10: Austria
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 10: Austria

We’re in Europe again for Day 10 of our countdown of the pavilions at this year’s Milan Expo, and today it’s the turn of Austria. The Austrian exhibition wants to show the public the high standard of living that the country is famed for. The structure was developed by Klaus K Loenhart and uses the concept of woodland space, creating its own microclimate using natural cooling systems, in order to focus on the importance of air in the environment, as well as promoting Austria’s sustainable forest initiatives. A pathway leads visitors through a natural paradise, where they are surrounded by plants and trees which they can study using microscopes, and walk through clouds of mist which represent, according to the architect, the essential role of air as nourishment.


See more images underneath. We’ll be back with Pavilion #11 tomorrow.

ExpoAustria_feeldesain_01 ExpoAustria_feeldesain_02 ExpoAustria_feeldesain_03ExpoAustria_feeldesain_04 ExpoAustria_feeldesain_05 ExpoAustria_feeldesain_06 ExpoAustria_feeldesain_07aExpoAustria_feeldesain_07b ExpoAustria_feeldesain_08a ExpoAustria_feeldesain_08b

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