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The Yemenite Totem
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The Yemenite Totem

The Yemenite totem, created by Shir Avraham‘s as her final project at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), consists of four different stools and a tray, all made from iron frame pipes and rods of different sizes. They can be stacked in various ways to suit the user’s personality. In addition, each stool is a little different, adding character to the room as well to the person who sits in it!

When you take the totem apart, the stools can also become side tables by adding the tray on top. Once the stools are not being used, then they can all be stacked together into the totem.

Seeing the need for multifunctional furniture in small apartments, Shir decided to create an object that’s both decorative and highly efficient.

Photography by Nimrod Ganisher

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