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The art of breakfast
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The art of breakfast

Avocados, fried eggs and pancakes become artistic mediums that aesthetically relate to installations and artworks by Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst, Salvador Dalì, Alexander Calder, and Cornelia Parker.

Created for issue 24 of kinfolk magazine, ‘artisan brunch’ turns breakfast staples into carefully crafted compositions, each which reference the work of a famous artist.

Kyle Bean, together with Aaron Tilley and Lucy-Ruth Hathaway, imagined a series of meals inspired by many different artist’s masterpieces.

Pancakes and fruit are arranged like an Alexander Calder artwork

An avocado is preserved in one of Hirst’s signature formaldehyde boxes

Bacon and eggs delicately dangle like a Cornelia Parker piece

Yayoi Kusama’s famous dots are made with ketchup

Photography by Aaron Tilley

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