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Indoor Gardening Series | IKEA
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Indoor Gardening Series | IKEA

Our lovely “friend” Ikea launched a new super tech indoor gardening series called KRYDDA/VÄXER, developed with a hydroponic system: your plants grow in water, without the use of soil. Most of the vegetables we eat today are grown this way, and now you can do it too in your own home, just keeping an eye on the water level. This series includes everything you need to get sprouting and keep your garden growing – even in the winter!

Video by Ikea

IkeaGrowingSystem_feeldesain_01 IkeaGrowingSystem_feeldesain_02 IkeaGrowingSystem_feeldesain_03 IkeaGrowingSystem_feeldesain_04 IkeaGrowingSystem_feeldesain_05 IkeaGrowingSystem_feeldesain_06

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