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Cosmic Tableware | Chi and Chi
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Cosmic Tableware | Chi and Chi

This colourful tableware was the invention of Chi and Chi, the Taiwanese studio run by two brothers, who looked to the heavens for inspiration. The collection was inspired by astronomical objects and the cosmos in general. The collection was also made considering the concept of gathering, one of the brothers Stephen Chiu commenting, “We think it is similar to the universe—everything is in order, and when all the things join together, it brings harmony and diversity. It is exactly like the relationship between humans.”


gathering_party_ware_stephen_chiu_leo_chiu_02 gathering_party_ware_stephen_chiu_leo_chiu_03 gathering_party_ware_stephen_chiu_leo_chiu_04 gathering_party_ware_stephen_chiu_leo_chiu_05 gathering_party_ware_stephen_chiu_leo_chiu_06 gathering_party_ware_stephen_chiu_leo_chiu-thumb-525xauto-71719

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