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Warehouse Historic Building
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Warehouse Historic Building


Warehouse is a historic building that is now a warehouse, located in the area around the coast south of San Francisco. Built by utilizing local architectural Edmonds & Lee to spearhead a complete reconfiguration and renovation of space. Renovations carried out by Edmonds & Lee seems to bring results, replacing opaque fence rail mezzanine sleeping with transparent glass, providing a direct visual connection to the space below. Edmonds & Lee also allow breathing room with a bath using a large sheet of transparent glass in the toilet instead of a closed wall, allowing privacy at least to keep the atmosphere open and lofty.


Renovations Oriental Warehouse Building

Tim explains, “to maximize the spatial experience of the attic, the traditional notion of domestic privacy of abandoned support open and transparent relationship.” Team added new equipment of modern architecture and sleek in the toilet and kitchen, and a new cantilevered steel staircase, which leads to bed. New element is added to the design age of space including a set of reflective light bulb hanging above the living room, gallery style canvas art hanging from the walls and floor of polished oak wood ada. Renovasi to distinguish the interior of buildings utilizing wood with original quality of the space was compromised heavy timber and old brick villages.

Renovation Interior Oriental Warehouse

Reinventing San Francisco’s Oriental Warehouse Loft

Renovations Oriental Warehouse Living Space

Renovations Oriental Warehouse Interior

Oriental Warehouse with Traditionaly Interior

Renovations Warehouse with Traditionaly Architecture

Renovations Warehouse with Traditionaly Wall Frame

Oriental Warehouse with Traditioanl Bedroom

Renovations Warehouse with Modern Bedroom

Renovations Warehouse with Traditionaly Bath




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