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Paper Painting | Albin Talik
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Paper Painting | Albin Talik


We can hardly believe that these artworks are made from paper. Polish artist Albin Talik uses a technique he calls “paper painting” to create pieces which look like oil paintings but are in fact collages made up of thousands of cut out pieces of humble paper. His works are diverse when it comes to subject, but a large number include his signature figures with pyramid shapes over their heads, representing the good and bad within each of us. See a selection of his paper “paintings” below.

PaperPaintings_feeldesain_01 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_02 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_03 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_04 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_05 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_06 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_07 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_08 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_09 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_10 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_11 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_12 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_13 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_14 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_15 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_16 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_17 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_18 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_19 PaperPaintings_feeldesain_20

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