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San Paolo Converso, a new contemporary art space
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San Paolo Converso, a new contemporary art space

Asad Raza has installed “Untitled (Plot for Dialogue)” within the interior space of a late 16th century deconsecrated church in Milan.

The San Paolo Converso church has been converted into a contemporary art space. Raza’s work explores how objects and human beings inhabit space through social practices. Within the church’s main interior space, the artist introduces a tennis installation, framed by the placement of lines, netting, racquets, iced jasmine tea, scent, and individual coaches.

Raza has re-purposed the church, a place in which many go to communicate with higher authorities, as a space of personal growth and recreation.

On the other hand, visitors who choose to interact with the installation, inhabit their bodies in coordinated action. players respond to each other through the medium of sport and through the ball and racquet.

This unconventional exhibition space has given birth to Converso, a place where artists of different ages and creative languages are invited to develop projects that interact with the space’s historical, architectural and symbolic features. Converso is a stage floating in a monumental interior.  No walls surround the stage. It is merely a flat surface. The exhibited projects themselves float as well. They never fully affirm themselves and must always contend with the church’s magniloquence.


Photography by Andrea Rossetti

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