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In Reverse | Pressed Sculptures by Ron Arad
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In Reverse | Pressed Sculptures by Ron Arad

Metal has long been a favorite material of the Tel Aviv-born, London-based architect, artist and designer Ron Arad.

In Reverse highlights a selection of Arad’s work in metal –  ranging from chairs to sculptural pieces – from the past three decades, and features a major new project, exploring how automobile bodies, specifically the Fiat 500, bahave under compression trough physical experiments and digital simulations. The  exhibition also examines the ongoing dialogue between handmade and digital processes in Arad’s practice.

IN REVERSE by RON ARAD from 20 dicembre 2013 to 30 marzo 2014 at Pinacoteca Agnelli – Turin, Italy.

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain01

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain02

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain03

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain00

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain001

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain03b

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain09

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain010

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain05

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain06 Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain08

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain07

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain04b

Ron_Arad_In_Reverse feeldesain011

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