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Paper Woodoo Notepad
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Paper Woodoo Notepad

In the office, there are people you like and people you like to hate. It’s just human nature, that’s all – don’t worry, we won’t judge you. Well, it’s time to bring some supernatural forces to help you. And what better supernatural force for the office than a little voodoo? “But all those pins will just get in the way?” you say. “Not to worry,” says your friend ThinkGeek, “these pins are all drawn on.” That’s right, with the Paper Voodoo Notepad, you draw your own juju!

Each note pad has 60 pages of voodoo power. Just jot down some information on your intended victim and begin drawing on the pins (black for curses and white for blessings). Does it work? Well, we’ve had some great successes. Just don’t lose any pages of your Paper Voodoo Notepad or people might use them against you. Maybe you should just stick to the blessings . . . just in case karma comes back to get you in the end. BUI IT HERE

Paper Voodoo Notepad

  • Hex or bless your friends as you take notes
  • 60 sheets of Voodoo power
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 9″


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