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Illustration Series by Daniel Almeida
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Illustration Series by Daniel Almeida

Amazing illustration Series by brazilian artist Daniel Almeida! You can find his work in some famous book like ILLUSTRATION NOW (VOL.4) -TASCHEN 2011 or , if you live in Brazil, in the most popular brazilian Newpaper Folha de São Paulo!!! Enjoy the photogallery!


He was born in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, in 1975. Humor strips published in newspapers in the region, without gaining anything. According to the decree issued by UNESP-Bauru, is radio. HQ had selected for a National Hall of Ribeirão Humor in 1998. Ten years later a series of strips, this time for the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba. Passed by 89 FM – Radio Rock the then St. Paul – and later was executive producer of Eldorado FM for five years.
Created in 2001, with three friends,, giving rise to the Cultural Association gaff. Collaborates with the tender Folhateen since 2009, and the St. Paul Magazine since 2010 (both from Folha de Sao Paulo).
He had three works selected for the International Exhibition of Design for Press Porto Alegre in 2010. The illustration “Meat Dilemma” was the 2nd place in Leaf Award in 2011. (2007) – Beautiful and exciting online norwegian magazine

published in Illustration Now – vol.4 (Taschen, 2011)

published in Illustration Now – vol.4 (Taschen, 2011)

published in Illustration Now – vol.4 (Taschen, 2011)

“The dilemma of the meat” (2011) – 2nd place at Folha de São Paulo Prize, the biggest newspaper in Brazil

Cover of ARede magazine, January 2012 issue about broadband internet in outskirts of some of the largest brazilian cities.

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