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Aweful Drawings | Matthieu Barrère
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Aweful Drawings | Matthieu Barrère

We dare to try not to laugh as you look through these illustrations by Matthieu Barrère. Called “Aweful Drawings,” they’re a fun way to start off your week.

I really enjoyed reading Matthieu’s thoughts on finding inspiration, via Nonsense Society.

“Everything I see, hear, smell, taste, touch or feel, can – if I take enough time – help me uncover ideas. I’m convinced that we’re not magically inspired by things just like I believe no one ever finds a great idea by just waiting for it. Instead, we decide whether to make those things inspiring or not. It ultimately comes down to a choice. As soon as you remove yourself from the distracting speed of life surrounding you and craft a bubble with its own slower pace, you can enjoy an awaken state of mind and become surprisingly aware of things and their untapped potentialities. Only once you ignore past worries and hypothetical anxieties from the future, once you commit to the present, you can discover that anything and any thing in the world can be a source of inspiration if you look at it with new, judgment free eyes. Adults have a lot to learn from kids in that respect. They boast a fascinating ability to marvel at everything, and look at the world through a lens of freshness, malice and wonder. For instance, draw a black line on a white piece of paper and ask people what they see. Adults will respond that it’s just a line, which is accurate but boring. Children will tell you that these are dots holding hands, that it’s not a line but a rift in paper, or will point at the black line and ask you if you forgot to paint it white like the rest. Everyone can have ideas. The hurdle is to preserve and cherish your child’s view in a world where you’re being pressed to become an adult sooner and sooner.”

Now here are some of our favorite illustrations by Matthieu Barrère.


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