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Painting the streets in São Paulo
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Painting the streets in São Paulo

Check out this great project! Buckets of paint are dumped on the street and, with the involuntary help of normal road traffic, create an oversized live painting.

Durante 10 dias, mais de 120 ações ocorreram no centro da cidade de São Paulo, em nome da retomada das ruas pelas pessoas – e não pelos carros, pelos empreendimentos imobiliários, pelo cinza.

A abertura do Festival #baixocentro foi no dia 23 de março de 2012, com 200 litros de tinta solúvel em água. A ação ocorreu durante a manhã. De noite, a prefeitura já havia retirado as tintas (laváveis, que sairiam na primeira chuva).

Baseado no projeto alemão Painting reality, Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin, 2010 (

BaixoCentro is a movement of civil occupation that wants to crack, hack and play in the streets, conducted by an open network of producers. The first edition of the Festival happened in 23th march to 1st april, 10 days of a production where artists, producers and audience had the same goal to achieve together: make a whole festival using the interchange of services, infrastructural materials and arts to make it possible. There was more than 100 activities from workshops, performances, street interventions, between others.

The opening was in march 23, 2012, when 200 liters of water solved paint were thrown on one of the main downtown São Paulo avenue: Av São João. The action was made in the morning. By noon, the city council had already washed the painting, even though they were water solved.

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