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Icon a day | Marko Stupic
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Icon a day | Marko Stupic

Croatian designer and illustrator Marko Stupic has set himself a challenge: he’s creating one icon a day, and each one involves one shape in particular – the humble circle. He came up with the challenge to give himself a little extra practice and to express himself artistically, sticking to his trademark simple and flat style, using tons of colour. His imagination seems to be boundless, as so far he’s come up with lots of completely different designs. Take a look below, or see more of Marko’s icons on his tumblr page, and see if he inspires you to come up with your own one-a-day challenge.

IconDay_feeldesain_01 IconDay_feeldesain_02 IconDay_feeldesain_03 IconDay_feeldesain_04 IconDay_feeldesain_05 IconDay_feeldesain_06 IconDay_feeldesain_07 IconDay_feeldesain_08 IconDay_feeldesain_09 IconDay_feeldesain_10 IconDay_feeldesain_11 IconDay_feeldesain_12 IconDay_feeldesain_13 IconDay_feeldesain_14 IconDay_feeldesain_15 IconDay_feeldesain_16 IconDay_feeldesain_17 IconDay_feeldesain_18 IconDay_feeldesain_19 IconDay_feeldesain_20 IconDay_feeldesain_21 IconDay_feeldesain_22 IconDay_feeldesain_23 IconDay_feeldesain_24 IconDay_feeldesain_25 IconDay_feeldesain_26 IconDay_feeldesain_27 IconDay_feeldesain_28 IconDay_feeldesain_29 IconDay_feeldesain_30 IconDay_feeldesain_31 IconDay_feeldesain_32 IconDay_feeldesain_33 IconDay_feeldesain_34 IconDay_feeldesain_35 IconDay_feeldesain_36 IconDay_feeldesain_37 IconDay_feeldesain_38 IconDay_feeldesain_39 IconDay_feeldesain_40 IconDay_feeldesain_41 IconDay_feeldesain_42 IconDay_feeldesain_43 IconDay_feeldesain_44 IconDay_feeldesain_45 IconDay_feeldesain_46 IconDay_feeldesain_47 IconDay_feeldesain_48 IconDay_feeldesain_49 IconDay_feeldesain_50 IconDay_feeldesain_51 IconDay_feeldesain_52

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