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Cities Branding project
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Cities Branding project

Graphic designer, raluuca popescu created a representative banner for a travel agency.
How you can creatively represent a city’s name with an image ? See results bellow!

glassgow-571890d46e32d__880 Branding-cities-how-I-used-a-citys-name-to-create-a-representative-image-571895bc8712d__880 manchester-571890e203517__880 cambridge-571890d0a40ce__880 liverpool-571890dbc505e__880 seatle-571890e85dd52__880 bucharest-571890ca84f21__880 iceland-571890d796308__880 moscow-571890e48dfcb__880 berlin-571890c53b75b__880 budapest-571890ccd6f16__880 london-571890df53baa__880 bratislava-571890c7d7def__880

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