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Home Adventures | Goula/Figuera
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Home Adventures | Goula/Figuera

Great lighting can bring a ton of personality to any space, and Barcelona studio Goula/Figuera have really hit the jackpot with these wonderful ceiling lights. The pieces walk the line between lights, sculptures and mobiles and are certainly very good looking. The collection is called Home Adventures and consists of various different designs, all based on line drawings by Goula and Figuera which have been transformed into steel sculptures by local craftsmen. The shapes can all be joined together, so with a few designs, there are thousands of combination possibilities. Find out more or buy your own on the studio’s site.



Image credit: Goula/Figuera

HomeAdventures_feeldesain_01 HomeAdventures_feeldesain_02 HomeAdventures_feeldesain_03 HomeAdventures_feeldesain_04 HomeAdventures_feeldesain_05 HomeAdventures_feeldesain_06 Guia PVP lines & dots HomeAdventures_feeldesain_08 HomeAdventures_feeldesain_09 HomeAdventures_feeldesain_10

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