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Feel Desain Live from Berlin Fashion Week
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Feel Desain Live from Berlin Fashion Week

As you may know by now, BREAD & BUTTER has been one of our very favourite festivals in the past few years. The 2015 edition takes place as part of Berlin Fashion Week in Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport, and is a showcase for up and coming modern urban lifestyle brands. In the past, we’ve found a ton of inspiration at this event, so this year we’re back in Berlin and will be bringing you the best of Berlin Fashion Week and B&B live over the next couple of days. Keep checking back for a selection of our photos live from the event!

Visit the BBB website or the Berlin Fashion Week website to find out more.



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BBB2015_feeldesain_11 DCIM102GOPRO BBB2015_feeldesain_14b


BBB2015_feeldesain_15  BBB2015_feeldesain_18  BBB2015_feeldesain_20  BBB2015_feeldesain_23





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