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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 23: The Netherlands
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 23: The Netherlands

The Dutch pavilion at Milan Expo is set out in the style of a festival, something which has played a big part in Dutch culture over the past decades. As you may expect from a nation such as the Netherlands, the pavilion’s atmosphere is relaxed, open and creative, with no pressure to follow one set path. Visitors are presented with infotainment (you guessed it – entertainment mixed with information) regarding the global challenges of our time, and there are also tasty Dutch snacks and drinks to enjoy from food trucks while listening to live music and other events. The theme of Holland’s pavilion – Share, Grow, Live – focuses on the Dutch people’s efforts in collaboration in order to come up with creative solutions to today’s problems (share), the innovation and investment necessary to tackle issues we’ll face by 2050 when we have to feed 9 billion people (grow), and the importance of quality of life – helped by good logistics, nutrition and health, circular economy, and bio-based products (live). Find more images of Holland’s pavilion below and join us tomorrow for the next installment of “A Milan Expo Pavilion Every Day“.

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