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Parachute Bags | BAUMM
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Parachute Bags | BAUMM

We recently went to Germany to check out Berlin Fashion Week, where we came across a number of new and exciting talents.


One of the companies we discovered over in Berlin is BAUMM. The Argentinian design studio takes used parachutes and transforms them into colourful patchwork backpacks and holdalls. Each piece is totally unique, and the makers even tell you where the parachute was last flown before it was made into a bag. The people behind BAUMM have been working since 2005 on finding cool new ways to use materials which are usually considered waste, and are now focusing their efforts on this parachute project. If you like the look of these, you can find out more on BAUMM’s site, or click here to buy your own.

Baumm_feeldesain_01 Baumm_feeldesain_02 Baumm_feeldesain_03 Baumm_feeldesain_04 Baumm_feeldesain_05 Baumm_feeldesain_06 Baumm_feeldesain_07 Baumm_feeldesain_08 Baumm_feeldesain_09 Baumm_feeldesain_10 Baumm_feeldesain_11 Baumm_feeldesain_12 Baumm_feeldesain_13 Baumm_feeldesain_14 Baumm_feeldesain_15 Baumm_feeldesain_16 Baumm_feeldesain_17

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