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A Milan Expo Pavilion Every Day | Day 71: The Islands, Sea and Food Cluster
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A Milan Expo Pavilion Every Day | Day 71: The Islands, Sea and Food Cluster

The Islands, Sea and Food Cluster, designed by Atelier2, contains exhibitions by island or coastal nations, many of which are already well known for their seas. Inside two pavilions, you can find exhibitions by Cape Verde, the Caribbean Community (representing Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname), Comoros, Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, and the Maldives. This Cluster features wonderful photography and graphics depicting stunning underwater imagery, as well as quotations from famous seafarers like Homer and Christopher Columbus, and a glass refreshments and events area onto which are projected underwater images, making you feel as if you’re underwater while having a refreshing drink or snack. Specially designed sound effects make visitors feel as if they’re in one of these island or seaside nations, as does the lighting, interior design and carefully chosen materials. The buildings are connected by a large bamboo canopy, creating a unique sound effect and environment. Images below. 

ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_01 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_02 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_03 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_04 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_05 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_06 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_07 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_08 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_09 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_10 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_11 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_12 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_13 ExpoClusterMare_feeldesain_14
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