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Dr Seuss Wine Bottles | Maayan Brown
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Dr Seuss Wine Bottles | Maayan Brown

Chicago designer Maayan Brown took inspiration for these wine bottle designs from one of the world’s favourite kids’ writers and illustrators, the legendary Dr Seuss (real name Theodore Geisel). She created two versions of the bottles – the more colourful one, named “Mulberry Street” is instantly recognisable as it is in the style of the colourful drawings which you can find in his books. The second bottle “Geisel”, on the other hand, was inspired by the illustrator’s “hidden artwork”, a darker collection only discovered after his death.


Images: Maayan Brown.


DrSeussWine_feeldesain_02 DrSeussWine_feeldesain_03 DrSeussWine_feeldesain_04 DrSeussWine_feeldesain_05 DrSeussWine_feeldesain_06 DrSeussWine_feeldesain_07 DrSeussWine_feeldesain_08

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