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Hermes’ Postcards Collection for 2019 was presented during the last week.
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Hermes’ Postcards Collection for 2019 was presented during the last week.

The famous French maison Hermès, known for the refinement of its artistic direction and the quality of its historical know-how, is offering in January 2019 a collection of postcards and greetings cards that is not unlike the artistic lines of its collections.

The simple geometric shapes drawn on the cards evoke the horizons of De Chirico’s paintings, while the colours, sometimes pastel and sometimes dynamic, divide the drawings into irregular segments. This creative series at the beginning of the year is a good omen and delicately announces the upcoming collections of the prestigious company, which is constantly reinventing its increasingly bold visual identity.

Anyway Hermès already has a famous stationery collection that change every year.

Hermès logo had a constant evolution during the last years. Originally the name “Hermès” comes from the Greek god of messengers and commerce and the name was taken from its founder Thierry Hermès.

The Hermes logo comprises of a carriage attached to a horse – interpreting the company’s humble origins as a horse saddlery manufacturer. It uses a modified form of the Memphis – a slab serif typeface originally designed by Dr. Rudolf Wolf in 1929. The tagline highlights the company’s origins and the orange color gives the brand its distinctive style and authentic edge.

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