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Tokyo Metro Poster
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Tokyo Metro Poster

When it comes to traveling via subway, the Japanese adopt rules and mannerisms different from other cultures. Some rules are the same as other countries, such as eating on subways is not allowed; however, there are others—such as talking on your phone—that are considered rude in Japan. To help foreigners avoid public transport faux pas on its trains—and as a reminder to locals—the Tokyo Metro creates a series of courtesy posters each year to display in its stations and platforms.

For 2013, a series of vibrantly colored posters were unveiled—one poster was created for each month, inspired by the months’ activities and season. Presented in illustrations that accurately and easily get the message across, the posters depict various scenes to help you know how to behave on the subways—and the perils you could cause for behaving in ways that you should not.











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