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Sticker Calendar | Nendo
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Sticker Calendar | Nendo

We love an unusual calendar, and we think you’ll love this one, too. This Sticker Calendar, made by Nendo, has 12 sticker pages which allow you to peel a sticker each day, gradually showing the changing seasons as the year goes on. You can see the scene change colour as the trees lose their leaves, the mountains get covered in snow and the rain falls. It’s definitely different, and the cute graphics don’t hurt either.

sticker_calendar_feeldesain_01 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_02 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_03 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_04 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_05 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_06 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_07 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_08 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_09 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_10 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_11 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_12 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_13 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_14 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_15 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_16 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_17 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_18 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_19 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_20 sticker_calendar_feeldesain_21


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