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Capicúa Corporate Identity | Anagrama
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Capicúa Corporate Identity | Anagrama

A while back, we brought you this bright and beautiful corporate identity project for a Mexican chocolate shop, by Anagrama. Today we bring you some more of Anagrama’s work, this time for a company called Capicúa, which creates organisational and planning tools. The task was to create a new corporate identity reflecting the symmetry and patterns inherent to the brand, and to make a distinctive but neat look. The result is based on simple graphics and pastel colours alongside neutral black, white and grey, which gives a clean but fun feel. Each item is awesome alone, but when placed together, all the elements tie together perfectly.

Capicua_feeldesain_01 Capicua_feeldesain_02 Capicua_feeldesain_03 Capicua_feeldesain_04 Capicua_feeldesain_05 Capicua_feeldesain_06 Capicua_feeldesain_07 Capicua_feeldesain_08 Capicua_feeldesain_09 Capicua_feeldesain_10 Capicua_feeldesain_11 Capicua_feeldesain_12 Capicua_feeldesain_13 Capicua_feeldesain_14 Capicua_feeldesain_15 Capicua_feeldesain_16 Capicua_feeldesain_17 Capicua_feeldesain_18 Capicua_feeldesain_19 Capicua_feeldesain_20 Capicua_feeldesain_21 Capicua_feeldesain_22

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