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Cute new Dr Pepper Ad
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Cute new Dr Pepper Ad

Dr Pepper’s new ad is sure to put a smile on your face (although you, like us, will probably be a little confused as well). The new TV ad shows a stray dog which closely resembles a mop (in truth, it’s a Hungarian Puli) get taken for a ride by a man driving a Dr Pepper truck. After contemplating leaving the pooch at a shelter, he changes his mind and they drive off together. Dr Pepper will surely get a lot of love for this advert: after all, who can resist a cute animal commercial?

DrPepper_feeldesain_01 DrPepper_feeldesain_02 DrPepper_feeldesain_03 DrPepper_feeldesain_04 DrPepper_feeldesain_05 DrPepper_feeldesain_06 DrPepper_feeldesain_07 DrPepper_feeldesain_08 DrPepper_feeldesain_09 DrPepper_feeldesain_10 DrPepper_feeldesain_11 DrPepper_feeldesain_12

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