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Faces made from Fruits and Vegetables
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Faces made from Fruits and Vegetables

The second place at the 2015 International Photography Awards category advertising and food has been taken by the collaboration between two artists  Emily Dryden and Zahydé Pietri . Each portrait is entirely made out of fruits, vegetables and botanicals, meticulously selected for a creative and harmonious rendering contrasting with a deep black background. The colorful assembly entitled “Fresh Faces” uses a plain, black background to provide contrast and visual impact so the viewer can focus on the subject without distraction.

Images credit: Emily Dryden

foodfaces_FeelDesain_04 foodfaces_FeelDesain_05 foodfaces_FeelDesain_06 foodfaces_FeelDesain_07 foodfaces_FeelDesain_03 foodfaces_FeelDesain_08 foodfaces_FeelDesain_09 foodfaces_FeelDesain_10 foodfaces_FeelDesain_01 foodfaces_FeelDesain_02 foodfaces_FeelDesain_11


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