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ECLIPSE | Parasol with solar Panels
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ECLIPSE | Parasol with solar Panels

Umbrosa creates shadow in an aesthetic way. The collaboration with this young and dynamic company offers this innovative product which combine shadow making with artistic and affordable design. The classic parasols are over and done with, introducing… ‘the innovative shadow makers’! The eclipse collection sets a new standard in the world of the classic parasol. This top design piece with its flat design is at the same time a shadow maker and a work of art. It can also be left outside during winter as an eye-catcher. Eclipse consists of a big, sophisticated ring, which holds a shade sail that is tightened inside and is majestically silhouetted against the sky.

How it works

Just put the solar parasol in the sun and you are ready to go.
The solar parasol capture solar energy to charge your devices immediately, or store the energy in the battery pack for later use.

The battery pack included with the solar parasol is really easy to use with Plug and Play technology, with a charge status indicator and have a high-quality charging electronics with many protection functions and ready for connection.


OPV – Organic photovoltaic is the last generation technology of solar cells that is redefining solar power.
Organic solar cells are flexible, unbreakable, non-toxic and are made of recyclable materials with an excellent performance at sub-optimal angle of incidence as well as at elevated temperature unlike traditional photovoltaic material. At the heart of the technology is a photoreactive polymer that allow the production of organic solar panels thin, semi-transparent and flexible that can transform light into electricity anywhere.


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