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Creating the Spectacle! Underwater Wheelchair
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Creating the Spectacle! Underwater Wheelchair

Creating the Spectacle!’ is a groundbreaking series of live-art and video works by British artist Sue Austin featuring the world’s first underwater wheelchair, which flies along mid-water in a dramatic demonstration of the joy and freedom it brings. The artwork has continued to receive global attention since she used the underwater wheelchair in a series of choreographed acrobatic underwater events produced through Freewheeling as part of the London 2012 Festival during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.Through ‘Creating the Spectacle!’ Sue aims to use the surprising juxtaposition of an NHS wheelchair in an underwater environment to transform preconceptions, create positive empowering images and inspire people on a Global scale. Her You Tube videos have been viewed by over half a million internet users and her work has been seen by millions, after being featured by international media, who have been inspired by her unique vision and spirit, reporting repeatedly on the ongoing story.




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