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iPhone Shutter Grip
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iPhone Shutter Grip

They call you a shutterbug for a reason. Why? Because iPhone-screen-tapping-bug doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Now you can resume your true identity with The iPhone Shutter Grip! It’s an ergonomic grip that makes your iPhone feel just like an SLR (only smaller). It adds a photo and video button right where you’re used to having a shutter button. BUY IT HERE

The grip connects to the charging slot and hugs the sides of your iPhone for a secure hold. (It’ll even adjust to fit over your case!) Just like that, your iPhone is transformed into a hand-held camera.

Since you don’t have to tap your iPhone’s screen you’ll have less shake in your low light pics. And you can shoot without worrying about your phone slipping out of your hands!

When you realize mid-shoot that you should really be capturing in video, just press the black video record button. You can even capture stills of your video by pressing the shutter button again, mid-shoot!


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