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The Sirens of the Lambs | Banksy
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The Sirens of the Lambs | Banksy

Street artist and provocateur Banksy is at it again, with felt instead of a stencil.

In his latest installation — if you would like to call it that — Banksy stuffed a dirty green truck labeled “Farm Fresh Meats” with noisy stuffed animatronic animals,
which appears to be driving around Brooklyn and New York City’s meatpacking district.

Entitled “The Sirens of the Lambs” the toy cows, pigs and sheep squeak and wail while onlookers wonder what’s happening.

The England-based graffiti maestro, who has never been formally identified, has promised to unveil a new piece of art on each day of the month somewhere in the city.
Watch the truck in a video below.





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