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Artist Turns VW Beetles Into Perfect Spheres
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Artist Turns VW Beetles Into Perfect Spheres

Indonesian sculptor Ichwan Noor takes the iconic components of vintage VW vehicles and warps them into perfect spheres and cubes. The large-scale sculptures leave the uncanny impression of being instantly recognizable, yet leaving you wondering just how the artist constructed them. It’s the immediate familiarity that initially attracted Noor to using the cars as a medium in the first place. “I see the VW Beetle as one of the most successful designs, one that people will always be familiar with,” he says about the ongoing sculpture series. The artist most recently exhibited a new Beetle Sphere at Art Stage Jakarta 2016, and you can see more of his recent artwork on his website.


car-balls-cars-compressed-into-perfect-spheres-ichwan-noor-8 vw-1

Installation view of Ichwan Noor’s Beetle sphere, 2015. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

vw-2 vw-3-1  vw-4

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