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3d printed classical paintings | Unseen art
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3d printed classical paintings | Unseen art

Unseen Art Project is an initiative that designs 3D-printed classical paintings to enable the visually impaired to experience art through touch. The artwork will be accessible to everyone in this way. It is a project similar to the one made in Madrid at the Prado Museum last year with 3d paintings. Currently, the team behind Unseen Art Project is running a Kickstarter campaign to recruit artists to reproduce classical art with 3D printing, that you can watch below. The aim of this project is that the artist creates depth in the art to make it easier for the hands to feel. Some details may be brought forward, and some may be simplified to highlight an impression of the painting.

Images credit: Unseenart

unseenart_FeelDesain_06 unseenart_FeelDesain_07 unseenart_FeelDesain_03 unseenart_FeelDesain_04 unseenart_FeelDesain_05 unseenart_FeelDesain_01 unseenart_FeelDesain_02

via UnseenArt

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