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Would you ever live in a 1950s grain storage facility? Well the architect Christoph Kaiser was able to transform it into a cozy home for two. The architect was able to locate the facility in the Garfield Historic District in Phoenix, Arizona, the 340-square-foot two-story building was originally purchased online from a farmer in Kansas and transported in a pick-up truck. The interior of the storage feature walnut plank flooring, and nearly all the furnishings such as the doors and windows are custom-made. The corrugated steel walls are painted white to reflect the sun’s heat, while subterranean air ducts help to reduce noise from the air conditioning system. Also a beautiful spiral staircase is positioned in the center and it lead to a loft bedroom which receives natural light through a skylight at the top of the silo. What do you think, do you like it?

Image Credit : marklipczynski 

Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_07 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_10 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_05 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_06 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_08 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_09 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_11 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_02 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_03 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_04 Grain-Silo-House_FeelDesain_12


Via DesignTaxi


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