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Mosaic Floors captured by Sebastian Erras
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Mosaic Floors captured by Sebastian Erras

German photographer Sebastian Erras (previously) made his mosaic-focused Instagram @parisianfloors famous by capturing the detailed floors beneath the feet of Parisians, one perspective shots that featured his feet transposed against colorful tiles. Now Erras does not limit himself to capturing only Paris’s tiles, and has been capturing some beautiful patterns found in the buildings of London. The above shot from London’s Royal College of Art is one of our personal favorites.

You can see more of Erras’s photography projects on his portfolio site.

SebastianErras_02 SebastianErras_07 SebastianErras_09 SebastianErras_05 SebastianErras_03 SebastianErras_06 SebastianErras_01 SebastianErras_10 SebastianErras_08

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