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Cityscapes meet typical local snacks
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Cityscapes meet typical local snacks

Brunch City is the project of illustrator Bea Crespo and photographer Andrea G. Portoles. The project uses food as a medium to display paper outlines depicting the famous architecture of various cities around the world – and of course there is a relationship between the city and the chosen food. The skyline of Madrid is perched on the top of a churro, while the Parthenon sinks into a creamy pot of Greek yogurt and the London Eye and Big Ben sit on a pink, frosted cupcake. The collection of photos is a happy combination of cute illustration, photography, and the joy of travel, reminding us that wherever you may be, there’s always time for a little snack!

brunchcity_feeldesain_01 brunchcity_feeldesain_02 brunchcity_feeldesain_03 brunchcity_feeldesain_04 brunchcity_feeldesain_05 brunchcity_feeldesain_06 brunchcity_feeldesain_07 brunchcity_feeldesain_08 brunchcity_feeldesain_09 brunchcity_feeldesain_10 brunchcity_feeldesain_11 brunchcity_feeldesain_12 brunchcity_feeldesain_13 brunchcity_feeldesain_14 brunchcity_feeldesain_15 brunchcity_feeldesain_16 brunchcity_feeldesain_17 brunchcity_feeldesain_18 brunchcity_feeldesain_19 brunchcity_feeldesain_20 brunchcity_feeldesain_21

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