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Bratz undergo make-unders | Tree Change Dolls
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Bratz undergo make-unders | Tree Change Dolls

Much attention is paid nowadays to the negative effects of made-up, scantily-clad dolls on young girls, and Tree Change Dolls  is making a little difference. This Tasmanian artist adopts notoriously over-made-up and underdressed Bratz dolls from thrift shops, strips away their questionable makeup, repaints their faces, gives them a haircut, and puts them in hand-sewn or knitted outfits made by her mother. The dolls look modest and simple, and are supposed to be able to play outside like real children, rather than living the glamorous lives imagined for them by their original manufacturers. The artist grew up playing with second hand dolls outdoors, and hopes to open an Etsy store soon to share this experience with others, too. What do you think?

BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_01 BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_02 BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_03 BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_04 BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_05 BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_06 BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_07 BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_08 BratzNoMakeup_feeldesain_09

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