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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 52: Bottega Birra Moretti
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 52: Bottega Birra Moretti

Moretti Beer is Expo’s official beer partner this year, and has its own pavilion at the Milan fair. The beer-lover’s paradise is welcoming and full of tons of different Moretti beers to taste, as you’d probably expect, and there’s even a tank inside which holds over a thousand litres of fresh beer for visitors to sip on. Naturally, the materials used to build the pavilion are very eco-friendly and totally recyclable, including wood, glass, and copper, and all these materials come together to form a pavilion with a shape which reminds us of the barrels traditionally used to ferment beer in. Of course, the story of Moretti Beer is shared within the space, and visitors can learn more about the beer making process through their visit. Images below.

ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_01 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_02 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_03 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_04 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_05 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_06 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_07 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_08 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_09 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_10 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_11 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_12 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_13 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_14 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_15 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_16 ExpoMoretti_feeldesain_17

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