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The Rocking Swing | Clara Rivière & Tobias Nickerl

A collaboration between Clara Rivière and Tobias Nickerl, the Rocking Swing is an intergenerational item of furniture that anyone can enjoy. Taking the best bits of a child’s swing and an elderly person’s rocking chair, and mixing in some pastel shades and stylish, minimalist design, Rivière and Nickerl managed to create a seat which is fun but also functional either in or out of the house. The seat is in leather, while the frame is metal, and orange rope holds the two pieces together. We love it – what do you think?

RockingSwing_feeldesain_01 RockingSwing_feeldesain_02 RockingSwing_feeldesain_03 RockingSwing_feeldesain_04 RockingSwing_feeldesain_05 RockingSwing_feeldesain_06 RockingSwing_feeldesain_07

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