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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 5: Vietnam
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 5: Vietnam

Next in our 2015 Milan Expo daily series is the Vietnam pavilion.


The Asian country took inspiration from its national flower, the lotus, and decided to focus on problems related to the world’s most important element: water. The lotus flower turned out to be the perfect metaphor, as it in fact purifies the water in which it thrives, representing Vietnam’s commitment to protecting water resources. The pavilion itself was designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, and features a shallow lotus pond which surrounds the pavilion and creates a cool microclimate, lotus pod structures in bamboo on the outside of the structure, and lotus leaf shaped platforms to step on to walk into the  887 square metre exhibition area. There is a screen wall around the structure which can be put away on nice days to make the exhibition areas naturally ventilated. The pavilion will be recycled and the bamboo pods reused after the event, so Vietnam’s Expo contribution is as environmentally-friendly as it could possibly be.


More images of the Vietnamese pavilion are found below, and Pavilion #6 is coming up tomorrow…

ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_01 ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_02ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_03a \VTN-PCVTN-shareProjectsFutureProject14.03.21_Expo 2015�2_Drawing�3_DetailMilan_expo_sheet_plan_140717.dwg ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_04ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_05 ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_06 ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_08

ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_09 ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_10 ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_11 ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_12 ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_13 ExpoVietnam_feeldesain_14

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