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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 4: Brazil
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 4: Brazil

We’re back with our daily celebration of the 2015 Milan Expo, with the fourth in our series of pavilions: Brazil.


Definitely one of the most fun pavilions at this year’s Expo, Brazil’s offering uses a net as a metaphor for the country’s flexible and fluid food network and allows visitors to walk on a suspended elastic mesh, which is suspended over a display of Brazilian flora, in order to explore the exhibit from a different perspective. The pavilion was designed by Sao Paolo architect Arthur Casas and is divided into two areas, Imersão and Conteúdo.


Although it’s one of the greatest producers on the globe, Brazil is less famous for its technological abilities, but its pavilion at Milan Expo hopes to show visitors that the South American nation is technological, too. The 4,133 square metre pavilion includes displays about the innovative research done in Brazil, as well as models of production and consumption and solutions connected to technology in agriculture. Brazil wanted to focus on the importance of satisfying demand without damaging biodiversity. There are also tons of performances, installations and concerts, as well as a restaurant featuring some of the best chefs from around the country, and the site shows how important food is in the country in an interactive and exciting way.


Find a selection of images of Brazil’s pavilion below, and stay tuned for Pavilion #5 tomorrow…ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_01

ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_02ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_03ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_04 ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_05 ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_06 ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_07 ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_08ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_09 ExpoBrasil_feeldesain_10

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