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Light – Luce
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Light – Luce

Light, four contemporary buildings in the Veneto, Italy.
Tadao Ando Factory’s , The Black Cube by Silvia Dainese, the Nardini Bull’s by Massimiliano Fuksas and 9/11 Memorial by Daniel Libeskind: the concrete, iron, water, glass.
Four forms designed and shaped into a unique relationship with light and unbreakable.

Luce, quattro architetture contemporanee nel Veneto.
Fabrica di Tadao Ando, Il Cubo Nero Dainese di Silvia Dainese, le Bolle Nardini di Massimiliano Fuksas e 9/11 Memorial di Daniel Libeskind: il calcestruzzo, il ferro, l’acqua, il vetro.
Quattro forme pensate e modellate in un rapporto unico ed indissolubile con la luce.

directed and edited: Francesco Mansutti
photography: Daniele Gobbin
music: Paolo Agostini
executive production: Studio Due
art direction: Venice International University
supervision: Anna Guolo, Giulio Bodon
production: Regione Veneto – Direzione Beni Culturali

Luce/Light from Studio-due on Vimeo.

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